Project Consultancy

The toughest aspect of executing or improving a project is to correctly estimate the assets that one has at disposal and measuring available leverage to optimize results. Project management and execution have traditionally been understood as interplay of men, machine, money and material. What is critical, however, is the methodology that weaves other factors together. We provide key inputs to this important yet often ignored factor.

We understand the complexity of managing infrastructure projects. We work in close partnership with our valued clients to plan, strategize, execute and monitor projects in a timely and cost effective manner, while providing full control over all operational aspects. Our highly talented and professional team of infrastructure consultants helps clients at all levels of projects. Realizing the specific needs of various aspects of project management, we have developed highly specialized consultancy modules for project planning and monitoring, material procurement, engineering requirements, manpower management, equipment planning and procurement and project financial planning.

We specialize in following consultancy services :

  • Strategic project delivery advice
  • Benchmarking cost/ design/ quality
  • Sustainable energy solutions
  • Cost effective design proposals
  • Performance related performance methods
  • Project life costing

Besides engineering advisory services for power generation clients, we also provide high end consultancy services for various power related client needs. We take care not only to audit the energy consumption and plan for current consumption pattern but also with future energy demand expansion in mind. We cover entire range of technical requirements such as power distribution study, power quality analysis, thermal audit, motor management and discrimination analysis.

Additionally, we provide customized consultancy for other generation, communication and maintenance requirements for various kinds of industrial and commercial customers.

Our broad service in this category include :

  • Energy audit
  • Power distribution study
  • Power quality analysis
  • Thermal audit
  • Motor management
  • Discrimination analysis