Street lighting

We are undisputed leader in street lighting segment in National Capital Region of Delhi. We are one of the biggest agencies to undertake the street lighting for the upcoming Commonwealth Games to be held in Delhi in October 2010.

Over last two years, we have energized more than 300 kilometers of roads in Delhi. These include some of the busiest roads in western and northern Delhi. These include three completed projects and one under progress.

We are rated as the most efficient and reliable player in this segment with hundred percent record of timely completion of projects. Our team of engineers, project managers and supervisors are amongst the best available in the industry.

The secret of our success in the segment is our ability to think outside of box, develop ingenious and resource optimizing methods to manage process and ruthlessly efficient execution of work. We were the first player in Delhi to adopt pre casted foundations to be used in erecting poles, which reduced our road occupancy period by more than half and roughly doubled the speed of erecting poles. Today, pre casted foundations have become the standard practice.

Our key services in this segment are :

  • Engineering and design of street light
  • Calculation of lux uniformity
  • Pole erection and foundation design
  • Automation of street light
  • Maintenance of street light
  • LED based concept lighting